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Designing a Global Energy System based on 100\% Renewables for 2050
Zitatschlüssel burandt_designing_2017
Autor Burandt, Thorsten and Hainsch, Karlo and Löffler, Konstantin and Oei, Pao-Yu
Buchtitel 10. Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung "Klimaziele 2050: Chance für einen Paradigmenwechsel?"
Seiten 30
Jahr 2017
Adresse Vienna, Austria
Zusammenfassung This paper develops a path for the global energy system up to 2050, using an open-source energy modeling system, called OSeMOSYS. The model uses a system of linear equations of the energy system to search for lowest-cost solutions for a secure energy supply, given externally defined constraints on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). We find that a largely renewables-based energy system is the preferable option in the case of strict targets on greenhouse gas emissions. An additional contribution is the provision of an open-source model, fully calibrated and flexible for different uses, provided to the modeling community.
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